EvoWiki, version 1Edit

EvoWiki, version 1 was set up in 2003.  The main instigators were Nick Matzke, who proposed the idea on the newsgroup[1], and Joe Dunckley, aka steinsky, who set up the wikimedia software on his website ( and hosted EvoWiki from 2003 to about 2008.

EvoWiki, version 1 had, for a time, dozens of contributors and hundreds of articles (e.g. [2]), but the wiki had several problems. These included: crashes which resulted in the occasional loss of data and peoples' work; the posting of articles which later had to be taken down as a condition of publication (i.e. material that went into Mark Isaak's Index of Creationist Claims), spammers and vandals, and frequent downtime. 

In any event, the wiki appears to have been permanently offline since sometime in 2008, despite many residual references to it on[3] and the web[4].

The domain name was registered to Nick Matzke and currently points to (which has no wiki), but is now owned by NCSE and should be redirected to EvoWiki, version 2, if possible.

EvoWiki, version 2Edit

Version 2 of EvoWiki is an attempt to have a bigger, better, more permanent, more useful version of EvoWiki.  The primary improvements are: (a) permanent (hopefully) hosting at the wikifarm, and (b) a strong vision for EvoWiki, which is basically to aid scholarship and education in evolution, i.e. with a philosophy similar to that of, NCSE, NAS, AAAS,, the Society for the Study of Evolution, and the research literature.